Go Vegan For A Week

Nothing would make me happier on my birthday than animal lives being spared and their bodies not being abused/raped/tortured. So I’m asking everyone I know who wants to get me something for my birthday to instead, go vegan for the whole week. (Or at the VERY LEAST, just for they day.) Not pescatarian, not vegetarian. Vegan. And you know what? I’m gonna help you! I get that people think it’s hard to eat vegan, or even vegetarian, but that’s only if they make it hard on themselves. “Well I don’t know how to cook vegan.” It’s super super SUPER simple, after you learn, and lucky for you I’ve done all the hard work! No need to thank me, I wanted to. (。◕‿‿◕。)

Below you’ll find breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert options- cause everyone likes different food. As well as some recipes! Don’t worry, there won’t be anything “too hard” like making your own cheese… that usually takes a week anyway. You will probably have to read ingredient labels (Torture.*sarcasm*) But everyone should no matter what they buy.

Here are the ingredients to AVOID:  Milk, Egg, Whey, Gelatin, Carmine/Red 4, L-Cyteine, Isinglass, Shellac, Rennet, Castoreum, Animal Enzymes, Beef/Chicken/Pork/Turkey/Fish Broth&BouillonShellfish/Tilapia/Sardine/Anchovy, Lard, Lanolin, Honey, (Most) Disodium Inosinad, Ester Gum/Glycerol, Refined Sugars/Bone Char, Vitamin D3. (That’s all I can remember right now, but I know there are a few others. These are certainly the most popular though.)

You’ll basically just want to stick to nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, rice, pasta, and/or anything blatantly labeled as vegan. Most of these items listed below can be found at Kroger and sometimes Walmart, as well as local co-ops and farmer markets.

Now! Let’s get down to business!






And there you have it! I tried to keep it as simple and basic as I could so you wouldn’t have to research “how to press tofu” or “how to make vegan butter” while also keeping it flavorful! Obviously you’ll probably want to skip, change, or omit certain ingredients if you can’t consume nuts, gluten, soy, etc. and/or avoid ingredients you just don’t want in your body, like carageenan and high fructose corn syrup. And don’t be afraid to have French Toast with a Breakfast Hash, or Quesadillas with a Salad! If you’re hungry, eat! When you’re living a vegan lifestyle, you don’t need to worry about limiting calories, consuming carbs, or anything unnecessary like that. You just eat, and I don’t know who would turn that down.

Now. IF you want to take the easier, and slightly more expensive, route you can go onto my Pinterest board to see what kind of processed vegan foods I enjoy from time to time and use to make things a little more flavorful. (Like vegan mayo and cheeses.) You can also check out this list of accidentally vegan foods, like Cracker Jacks, Oreos, Ore-Ida fries, and a lot of others. I don’t greatly recommend it, but if you need to and “it’s only for a week” then why not. Lastly, fast food restaurants… you’re best bet is to stick to Taco Bell. (Replace meat with beans, omit sour cream and cheese. Hot sauce is your new bff and I add potato.) Fortunately, veganeatingout.com lists a TON of everyday restaurants and all of the vegan options they offer. Personally, I hate eating out now. It’s 1,000,000x easier to be vegan when you don’t eat out and eat only at home.

If you have any questions or whatever feel free to message me, preferably text or facebook messenger but email is fine too. Have fun! (Bonus points if you go longer than a week.) (◕‿-)

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