It’s hard to figure out what I’d really like. I mean, I know I’d like a lot of things, but it’s hard to decipher what’s really worth people’s money and what’s important. I know what I don’t want though! (Haha!) I don’t want anything with bold/tacky colors, cartoon characters, or anything that I probably liked in high school. Keep it cute, but keep it classy.

By now you should know that if anything is made from an animal, (example: leather, bone china, wool, certain brushes, etc.) I will kindly reject it and you can do what you wish with it. While I will appreciate it, you should appreciate me and my lifestyle. Do your research! (That may include seeing animals being slaughtered/tortured but if you can’t look at it, then you shouldn’t be eating or wearing it.)


ⓒ1994 unauthorized use of me is prohibited.


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